1. Samuel L. Streelife is one of the only Youtubers who’s channel is actually dedicated specifically to street photography.. His youtube videos are mostly vlog-style street photography walk arounds, which he records with a go-pro and/or 360° camera. Other types of videos that you will find on his channel are more standard vlogs, as well as reviews. He usually incorporates a little bit of street shooting in his reviews as well which gives you a reason to watch them even if you are not interested in gear. He also is a cinematographer, and that shows in his videos. There are several cuts in his videos that obviously took effort and a desire to try something different. One of my favorite examples of this is his review of the Peak Design 5l Sling, in which he has uses stop-motion animation to show everything that he carries daily happily relocating themselves into the bag. It is a great visual metaphor for how he switched to the bag for daily use. Despite having videos about cameras and gear on his channel, Streetlife’s channel is definitely not for the gear heads. I would describe his content as chill and his personality as down to earth. You get to follow him around as he takes great (or occasionally not) photos. Part of the charm is that you get to see the ride of the photography and not just the result. My favorite video of his is probably his Canada travel blog.
SMP Skatepark Shanghai, 2010 – © Samuel Lintaro Hopf
Waiting in Winter Light, © Sean Tucker

2. Sean Tucker is a Youtuber with a more philosophical perspective in photography. According to himself, his videos often focus more on the why and less on the how. Gear and equipment are often the focus of other channels on youtube, which gets very tiring as by watching them you are just increasing the strength of your own Gear Addiction Syndrome (GAS). So, it is refreshing to see a photographer on youtube that I genuinely believe would shoot street photography with a potato if that is the only thing he had access to. He would probably carve it up into a pinhole camera. As for the cinematography in his videos, I would say they look nice but the mood in his “talking head” style videos where he is just talking to the camera can be on the more intense side. His videos definitely are not light hearted affairs and I would not recommend them to people looking for pure entertainment. However, if you want to watch a very talented street photographer talk about philosophy and other things, then this may be the channel for you.

3. King Jvpes has a Youtube channel that focuses on analog photography with the occasional street photography video. I would say his content is more geared towards analog heads who want to know all about the vintage gear, but his street photography content is pretty strong as well. He is pretty prolific, so if you want to find his content on street photography you are probably better off just searching it on his channel. He is a really talented photographer as well. My favorite video of his is “Develop your eye to “See” in Street Photography”

San Francisco, CA • 2018 © Jonathan Paragas

These Photographers are who I have found so far to have a good mix of production value, quantity of content, and knowledge. There are many others who do something similar, but there are very few that match these three in those categories. If you have recommendations for me, please leave them below in the comments!

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